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"human campanions are 100 pp Campanions. mercs are 70" -MacReady "That is incorrect. Human companions are only 70. Go test it." -Henry

Valchuck: Well about burst types page, idk, but there is a mentioning bout burst at Damage page Idk, if its necessary to create another page. U cud reorganize it as You see fit, or change Damage page, don kno. Line burst weapons are only shotgun weapons with burst and lsw/bozar. Even flamer hav a cone (did not tested if same to other burst weapons but it definitely can hit multiple targets, tho using 1 ammo per burst.

2.08.2020 Ray: Help me track down the Alcohol Raised HP support perks in Vault City. I've joined the faction, talked to everyone but I can't find the NPC. There are 2 buildings the guards won't let me in and I couldn't talk to those people inside. Also there is a basement level in vault city and I can't access because the guards kill me.

3.08.2020 Ray: I tried all the bartenders. I think there is another requirement for it, not just the charisma.

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3.08.2020 Ray: Got it now, thanks Henry! I'll create a page for the perk tomorrow or after tomorrow.