4.7mm Caseless

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4.7mm Caseless
4 7mm.gif
Ammunition. Caliber: 4.7mm, caseless.
Caliber 4.7mm caseless
DM modifier 3/2
DR modifier -15%
AC modifier -5
Weapon Perk None
Weight 7 grams
Base price 12 caps


Caseless ammunition was a concept explored with success as early as the second World War, but encountered significant obstacles to becoming practical for widespread military use. The primary issue was that of heat. Cased ammunition is not all bad; the case provides a significant function as a heat sink. Much of the residual heat from firing a round is ejected along with the case, and conversely, the case protecting the next round helps protect it from residual heat still in the chamber. With caseless ammunition, the prominent propellant compound used had a low ignition temperature of just 170 degrees Celsius (338 degrees Fahrenheit). This is a very low temperature and makes it likely that the next round could be "cooked off" by the residual heat. Even worse, this would lead to a chain reaction causing uncontrolled automatic fire in automatic weapons such as the G11. Fortunately, Dynamit Nobel created a new compound for its propellant during the development of the G11 that was relatively heat-resistant, finally pushing caseless ammunition into the arms market at large.

4.7mm rounds consist of a brick of propellant, molded to form a housing for the primer cap and bullet. This is standard amongst the few varieties of caseless ammunition that do exist. Further improvements could be made if the caseless "cartridges" are shortened, which allows faster cyclic rate with a shorter cycling action.


  • From the magic lockers such as in Dayglow and Warehouse
  • Sometimes found at weapon traders across the Wasteland
  • May also sometimes be found in containers throughout the game world

Weapons Using 4.7mm Caseless Ammunition

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