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Containers are anything used to store items. A locker is a common type of container. The containers that come with vehicles are called trunks.

Note: Players or NPC inventory is a container too, when that character is alive. Use Steal to access it.

Volume is a special unit, unrelated to weight, that shows how much a container can hold. It's shown in percentages next to a container's inventory.

Craftable Containers

  • Craftable containers can be picked up from ground when empty by using Science skill.
  • Some can be rotated by using Repair skill, but only when empty.
  • Containers cannot be dropped in public locations.
  • Can be disassembled if Science is used on them while in your inventory.
  • Use Steal skill on an open container to access it without having to close and re-open it.
NAME Volume
Ammo Crate (large) 400
Ammo Crate (small) 250
Chest 250
Crate 250
Floor Safe 300
Footlocker 250
Locker 400
Poor Box 0
Fridge ?