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Experience points are a reward for completing specific tasks or defeating non-player enemies in combat. More experience points are required to attain higher levels. For example, you need a total of 1000 xp to get to level 2, and a total of 210,000 to attain level 21.

NOTE: No xp is earned for killing player characters.

What can earn you some experience points

  • Killing non-player enemies. The more powerful your enemy is, the more experience points you get .
  • Completing a quest.
  • Using your skills successfully (Repairing an item, healing someone, etc.).
  • Avoiding a random encounter on the world map.
  • Crafting an object.
  • On a special occasion from a Game Master (e.g. for winning a contest etc.).
  • Get paid for jobs Shoveling Poo and Lifting caravan boxes.

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