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The Khans symbol.

Raiders are groups of murderous thieves who terrorize all those not in their own group. They are outlaws, even in a world where laws barely exist. Raiders are somewhat organized, into their own clans all over the wasteland, and are a common source of conflict in California at this time. Raiders don't only prey upon lone travelers, but will also stand and fight tougher groups, including law enforcement, even when they are outnumbered. Their behavior is clearly psychotic, adding to their terrible reputation.

The Khans are the most infamous of raider gangs, and Khan Totems are often used to mark raider territory. Raider gangs include: 80s, Bandits, Big Gun Thugs, Bloodbeasts, Desert Hounds, Hell Razors, Highwaymen, Jackals, Mad Dogs, Marauders, Robbers, Rogues, Slags, Spiked Fists, Vipers, and likely more.


  • You can join the raiders faction
  • In their bases, you can get some professions levels
  • They might be interested in buying certain Dog Tags
  • Some of them have items with special bonuses, so beating them in a fight can yield surprising rewards
  • Some of them have Raiders Dog Tags, rumored to be of value to some law enforcement officials