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Shoveling Poo is a good way to earn easy XP at Level 1, to get to Level 2, but after that it becomes a drag. It's also an easy way to get some early Caps.

Introduction to Poo Shoveling

If you want to shovel Brahmin Dung all you have to do is go to the Brahmin pens in any city and start using a Shovel on the excrement you see laying around. If you don't have a Shovel, you can ask the brahmin herdsman for one, they are usually around the brahmin pens.

With your Shovel equipped in slot 1, simply click on some Brahmin Dung to shovel it. If you click your shovel in "USE ON" mode, be sure that your target cursor is yellow and not red. Don't pick up excrement with your hands because you won't get paid for that.

For every pile of excrement you shovel, you'll get XP equal to 24 divided by your level (24/level) (rounded down) and a certain amount of Caps depending on the town where you shovel the poo (see below). So shoveling at Level 1 will get you to level 2 pretty fast.

To get paid for Shoveling Poo, talk with the Brahmin herdsman after working in a Brahmin pen.


  • Don't block the gates for more than a few seconds, or you will likely be shot by the guards.
  • You're better off Shoveling Poo in The Hub or Shady Sands. Pens are numerous in those Towns, and they are relatively safe. Plus, you get paid twice as much as in other places.

Location of Brahmin Pens

The NCR brahmin pens and herdsman.

There are brahmin pens in a lot of Towns. Here is a list of their locations:


  • For each pile shoveled, you get XP equal to 24 divided by your level (24/level) (rounded down)
  • For each pile shoveled, you get a certain amount of Caps:
  • The Character who shovels the most poo is listed as the professional Expert Excrement Expediter in everyone's Pip-Boy.