A Wiki Editor's Manual

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A Wiki Editor's Manual
A Wiki Editor's Quick-Reference Guide
Season 3
Status Started
Completion 1%
Authors Henry
This Chapter Table of Contents
More Chapters Content Standards
Basics of Editing
Special Pages

BEFORE YOU BEGIN: It would be best to play this game a lot first. Go enjoy it! Yes, you'll find things in-game that are not on this wiki yet, and that may bug you, and you may really want to help fix it. But don't let it bug you at all - just keep playing. Go fight some tough quests! Go fight some Telltale bosses! Collect Puppets and access new locations! Go craft a giant pile of the best gear ever! Join a strong faction and do some Town Control! Then, if you still want to do editing work here, start by reading this manual. When you're sure you want to pour your time into editing, shout to Henry in Discord chat - provide a login name and password.


A work in progress...

This is presented as a quick-reference guide for FOnline: Reloaded wiki editors only, meant to clarify standards for consistency and how-to procedures for editing this particular wiki. It is not comprehensive instructions for all-purpose editors of other MediaWiki projects. It should cover these main topics:

Content Standards

  • Add a User Page for Yourself (so other editors can talk with you directly on wiki)
  • Ownership, Attitude and Etiquette
  • Upper Case vs Lower Case
  • Details: Where to Draw the Line (Follow Cannon, Avoiding Excess Info)
  • Page Names: An NPC's name might be simply "Joe" but no page should be simply called "Joe".
  • Do not add Player Factions to wiki. Let those faction's leaders do it, and only if active long-term.


  • Chat with other editors during editing, like via Discord chat.
  • Use Talk pages

Basics of Editing

  • View the page, Edit the page, View History of a page's edits, and Discussion between editors
  • Headers, Bullet Points
  • Page Links! The core function of an effective wiki!
  • Bold, Italics, Alternate Colors, Strikethroughs, Underlining
  • Redirects
  • Expandable Spoilers
  • Previewing Your Edits First, then Saving Your Edits, and Reversing Edits


  • Copy/Paste from Forum, format for wiki
  • Add Green Checkmark/UserName [[File:Yes_check.png]] [[User:Henry|Henry]] (example) to items you edit

Keep a Watchful Eye on Special Pages

Image Files

  • Find an image in the existing list that is already uploaded
  • While Avoiding Duplicates, Upload Additional Images
  • Where to Find Missing Images
  • Maintain File Type Standards

Working with Templates

  • Find/Lookup Existing Templates
  • Copy/Use an Existing Template
  • Add a New Template

Working with Categories

Working with Tables

  • Begin Table with Border, Table Header, Tabled Row, Table Cell, End Table
Row 1 Column 1
Row 2 Column 1