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Telltales are particular NPCs found in certain places who can send you on special quests where you fight tougher bosses and stronger versions of enemies. These quests are repeatable and you can get a lot of XP and Caps from them, but it's the main way to get Cute Little Puppets, which can enable your access to special places like Pomona. You also get some other random rewards after completing a Telltale quest.

All of the Telltales in wasteland. Click on any of their names for more detailed information.
Telltale Boss The Crazed Vault Dweller Blood Viper Leader Tyrate The Dark Wanderer The Fallen The Last Church of Illuminatus The Ambassador of Pain Dr. Rikktor's Crater The Devourer
of Souls
Crater of the Soulfed The Desert King Our Lady of Laudres The Great Emperor The Puppet Man
Boss Image
357 HP
Hmjmpsaa sw.gif
10mm Pistol or Shotgun
428 HP
HMMAX2AA sw.gif
10mm SMG
583 HP
633 HP
Harobeaa sw.gif
Assault Rifle
783 HP
Hmlmaxaa sw.gif
883 HP
Nawhitaa sw.gif
Plasma Pistol
1300 HP
Hanpwraa sw.gif
Avenger Minigun
1600 HP
Napowraa sw.gif
Plasma Rifle
2000 HP
Mathngaa sw.gif
2400 HP
Mabranaa sw.gif
2500 HP
Maquenaa sw.gif
3000 HP
Maddogaa sw.gif
4000 HP
Madethaa sw.gif
7500 HP
Puppet Master.gif
Light Support Weapon
Difficulty Very Easy Easy Easy Easy Medium Medium Very Hard Hard Medium Medium Medium Medium Hard Very Hard
Level Required 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 30 35 40 45 50 60
Total XP 1500 XP 2250 XP 2750 XP 3000 XP 3500 XP 4500 XP 7250 XP 8000 XP 8250 XP 9000 XP 11000 XP 12000 XP 13500 XP 17500 XP
Caps 350 700 800 1000? 1250 1500 3200 3500 2000 2700 3000 4000 5000 10200
Puppets 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 No
Telltale Town The Hub,
Boneyard, New Adytum Shady Sands, Westin Ranch Boneyard, Library Cathedral Vault City,
Inner City
San Francisco Boneyard, Gun Runners Vault City, Courtyard The Hub,
San Francisco Cathedral
Note Not lootable;
You need a Day Pass to get the quest
Not lootable;
Plasma hurts, dress accordingly
Costs 13 Puppets to spawn.