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Nmbpeaaa sw.gif
Car deal in New Reno
Weapon Unarmed
Location New Reno Garage
Quests (none)
Training (none)
Perks Negotiator
Trading Sells certain Vehicles
Copies keys for 1k caps
Sells Rot Gut Engine Upgrades

T-Ray Garage.

T-Ray is a mechanic, and is the car dealer at the New Reno garage. He sells certain Vehicless, but not all. He also can copy Vehicle Keys for you, and will upgrade your vehicle's engine with the Rot Gut Engine Upgrade, so you can opt to fuel your vehicle anytime with Rot Gut.

NOTE: How do you get T-Ray to copy keys? Put a key into Slot 1 and then re-enter dialogue with T-Ray. Make sure you have 1000 caps to pay for it.

NOTE: If he dies, he resurrects after 10 Real minutes.

T-Ray can also teach you the Negotiator Support Perk if your Barter skill is 125 or more.

Cars Sold by T-Ray

None of these vehicles require a Fuel Cell Controller and can be purchased for Caps only:

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