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A very smooth ride.
Sold By T-Ray
Location New Reno
NPC Price 120k Caps
FCC Required? No
Passengers 6
Trunk Space wip
Fuel Capacity 50-80-400
Fuel Economy 2-4-40
Fuel Types SEC
Rot Gut w/Upgrade
Speed 60-135-200
Deterioration 5-20-30

This is one of the most popular of the Vehicles for its superior style.

Fuel Efficiency

Some cars really guzzle fuel, and some last longer on a full tank. On a scale from 2 (best) to 40 (worst), this vehicle's fuel consumption rate is a 4, making it a very economical choice just behind the Cockroach and the Buggy.


Some vehicles are faster and some are slower. On a scale from 60 (slowest) to 200 (fastest), this vehicle has a speed rating of 135.


Vehicles do break down with use, some faster than others. On a scale from 5 (best) to 30 (worst), this vehicle's Deterioration rate is a 20. Use Science to check fuel, and condition. Use a Repair Tool to fix.


With fuel in inventory, click-hold on vehicle to get drop-down menu, choose inventory icon, and click on fuel.

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