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« You got some balls coming in here. »

- John Bishop.

New Reno's main sign, existing in the pre-war life too !


New Reno is a gamblers town.

New Reno was built on the ashes of Reno, Nevada. The town was spared from the atomic fire during the war, but indeedly fell on the dark side of life... As law, rules and police had been banned by the atomic war, a few mobsters families struggled to get the power on that town, and are still struggling to get it. These families are the Wrights - the weakest family, mainly selling alcohol, and the only to know about Sierra Army Depot, the Mordinos - a family spreading Jet over the wasteland, knowing quite well the Raiders and owning the Desperados casino, the Salvatores - a family that sometimes secretly deals with the Enclave and runs the Salvatores Bar - and the Bishops, the second most powerful family in town, right after the Wrights, that own the Shark Club casino. Drugs, alcohol and prostitution made New Reno a dark, smelly and gambling town.


The main advantage of New Reno is that the town is located in the middle of The World. However, its main problem is that it's not a guarded town, so killing in Reno is quite easy. There are even campers that stay near the Exit Grids to shoot at anyone appearing, without taking any risk. The town may attract a lot of people, but as it is not a town that is part of the town control, large groups avoid it. Usually, you'll find there bluesuits achieving their quests, or small player killers. A few stores are opened in the city, like the Cat's Paw Brothel, the Golden Globes porn studios and the Jungle Gym boxing club.


You might lose a few caps in one of the town's casino. The Shark Club is ruled by the Bishops.
New Reno Arms
  • Join a crime family and participate in Gang Wars!
  • New Reno contains many quests.
  • There is also a workbench inside Eldridge's shop (West side).
  • New Reno is one place where you can buy certain cars. They can be bought from T-Ray, who is located in the Gas Station Garage area.
  • You can get copies of your keys made by T-Ray for 1000 caps each.
  • You can buy the Rot Gut Engine Upgrade from T-Ray (prices vary).
  • You can make beer at the Brewerage Device on the east side.
  • You can trade with a lot of merchants, like Eldridge and Renesco in the West Side, the bartenders of the two casinos, and the usual city dealers.
  • You can join one of the mob families, but your reputation with other factions will suffer.
  • You can explore the sewers under New Reno and use them to move throughout the different sections of the city. There is a Chest to loot, you need to have around 130% Lockpick to open it up. All guards around it have to be killed first.
  • You can join various caravans as a guard.


Commercial Row

Commercial is a PvP zone that leads to New Reno Underground

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New Reno is located at Grid 20:18 (central area).

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