Blood Viper Leader

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Blood Viper Leader
Who runs this town? Me! Not these damn Blood Vipers. It's time to go tear down the pieces to someone crappy game.
Telltale Enemy Boss
Nmbpeaaa sw.gif HMMAX2AA sw.gif
Need Level: 6 Hit Points: 428
Find the Telltale to get a quest to fight this tough enemy boss!
Telltale Junktown, in the building south of Skum Pitt
In a two-room building, just to the right of Gizmo's casino.
Enemy Boss Southern parts of the desert.
Boss' Gear 10mm SMG
Leather Helmet, Combat Leather Jacket
Combat XP 1000
Completion XP 1250
Boss Loot 10mm SMG
Leather Helmet
Combat Leather Jacket
Items Reward Doctor's Bag
Rot Gut
Metal Armor
Caps Reward 700
Nixon.gif 1 Puppet Prize(s)
Repeatable Yes

One of several Telltales, found throughout the wasteland.

NOTE: Please, note that Telltales move around in their towns, so locations may be inaccurate.