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« Junktown was a city of traders (and traitors). »

- Fallout 1's Vault Dweller.

Postcard of Junktown as seen in Fallout 1...

Junktown is one of the smaller towns in southern California. It is located north of the Hub.


It was founded soon after the War by a soldier called Killian Darkwater. Instead of the ruins of an old town, he thought it would be better to begin from the ground up. The town mostly lives out of trading and has a reputation of open hospitality.

Around 2161, the mayor of Junktown was Killian Darkwater, grandson of the town's founder, who also ran Darkwaters General Store. Another big player in the town was Gizmo, a big-time crook and casino owner. While Gizmo's Casino brought a lot of tourists and money into the town, problems also came with it. Other important places in Junktown at that time included Crash-House Inn, home to the Skulz and the Skum Pitt, a bar owned by Neal. Doc Morbid was the town's doctor. Tycho, a Wasteland Ranger, also resided in Junktown for a while at that time.

In 2161, Lars headed the guards in Junktown, working for Killian Darkwater. The gates were guarded by Kalnor. They also had a jail, which was guarded by Andrew. The guards were aware of the illegal activities of Gizmo and the Skulz, but they didn't want to act without proper evidence.

Gizmo hired a man to assassinate Killian, in order to gain full control over the town. It is not explicitly stated in the Fallout 2 manual which side the Vault Dweller sided with, as it alludes to both Killian and Gizmo.


The main entrance of Junktown.

As the name suggests, it was built after the Great War out of random pieces of junk, mostly of broken cars. Although it is a small community there are many activities in this town. You can buy a room from Bonny at the Crash-House Hotel, or get some drinks from Neal at the Skum Pitt bar , Barter at Darkwaters general store owned by Jeremiah Darkwater, or get medical attention from Doc Larrikin at the hospital near the south entrance. Also there's Earl, a well-known scout who sells Bases to new factions. Leave Stephen alone while he guards the jail.

The Guards try to keep this place clean and won't allow troublemakers to enter their town. Beside for the NCR and Vault City, Junktown is one of the safest places within the wasteland. In the recent past, the guards would close the gates for protection, and re-open them from 07:00 to 22:00, but this restriction was relaxed and now Junktown is open 24 hours.


  • Get paid for Shoveling Poo in any of the various brahmin pens around the town.
  • Junktown contains some small quests.
  • Its workbench is inside the city, in a big house right next to Darkwaters.
  • Find Boyce near the workbench, a guy who can teach you the Small Gun Gunsmith profession.
  • You can sell spears to Sassy Givins in the same building as Boyce.
  • In the western part of Junktown, below Gizmo's, you can find an old grizzled man. He sells Dogs.
  • Talk with Ford Crystler about Junktown's mercantile trouble with Hub.
  • Buy bases from Earl in the building next to the entrance.
  • In the northern part of Junktown, there's a Boxing Ring. Players can fight each other there in hand to hand combat for fun and Caps. Bring 10 caps and meet someone else who brings 10 caps, pay to fight and winner takes all.
  • Junktown is a quiet and secure place for trading and crafting.
  • Help Sad Darrion by bringing 1 Antidote for his son.
  • You can join the caravan as a guard. Caravan Master NPC shows up at the south entrance.
  • The jail is guarded by Stephan.
  • Talk with Lee and help defend the city from a massive wave of zombie invaders!
  • You can speak with a Telltale for some very tough fights!
  • Fairweather is in a tiny building south of Gizmo's Casino, and he has a problem.
  • A Tool Maker is in a house north of Darkwater's General Store, who can sell you various survival gear.
  • Frier has a big family, and some of his kids might be sick. Can you help?


  • North Entrance
  • South Entrance



Junktown is located at Grid 31:36 (near both Necropolis and The Hub).

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