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Real-Time (RT) and Turn-Based (TB) are the two different combat modes available in FOnline: Reloaded. Real-Time combat is set as default in cities and all preset map locations. As for random encounters you can choose in options which combat mode you prefer. If someone encounters you, he is forced to fight in the combat mode you were in when you started the encounter.

To set combat mode to Real-Time, use the command ~combatmode rt, then log off to main screen and back in.
To set combat mode to Turn-Based, use the command ~combatmode tb, then log off to main screen and back in.
Both modes Real-Time Turn-Based
Both modes Yes Yes Yes
Real-Time Yes Yes No
Turn-Based Yes No Yes

Turn-Based Combat

  • Combat participant with highest Sequence gets first turn.
  • In a single turn, you have 30 real seconds to perform actions.
  • Your turn ends when one of these two things happens, and the turn goes to the next combat participant:
  • Moving (walking) costs Action Points.
  • In Turn-Based mode, a Character's Action Points are fully regenerated per turn.
  • You can use First Aid and Doctor, each of which cost 3 AP.
  • You can’t use some skills during Turn-Based combat (for example: Science).
  • Some Perks only work in Turn-Based mode.
  • You can leave an area (via an Exit Grid) but you can’t follow players.
  • Combat is supposed to end automatically, but sometimes you need to press the CMBT button to end combat.

Real-Time Combat

  • Player with best reflex (and/or best connection, best ping) shoots first
  • NPCs react very quickly and will perform actions independently from player Characters
  • Moving around (walking/running) does not drain Action Points, but delays AP regeneration.
  • Your Action Points refill completely every 5 seconds, but only when standing still.
  • The same rules apply to NPCs, but the simultaneous actions of RT combat will make them seem much faster.
  • Some Perks don’t work in Real-Time combat mode.
  • You can’t leave an area (via an Exit Grid) with an active combat timer, or follow another Character.
  • Combat timer is also called Combat cooldown, which is 10 seconds after attacking or being hit.

Most fans of the classic Fallout games (Fallout, Fallout 2, Tactics) start here with a strong preference for TB combat. Before long, they may see the benefits of switching to RT, but many find this transition difficult. To them, RT is chaos, and they prefer an orderly experience, where they have time to make decisions, and plan strategy for best outcomes. "30 seconds per turn is fast enough", they might say. All players are encouraged to try RT as much as it takes to get used to the faster action, which won't seem so chaotic once they get acclimated. Most people who successfully make the transition from TB to RT, later look at TB as frustratingly slow:

  • All it takes is for one person in the party to not understand how to end combat, and a TB fight can be frustrating.
  • In some Quests, all of the NPCs become triggered in the entire map, and each one gets a turn.

When starting Quests, the player has the luxury of choosing which combat mode, RT or TB. Some quests prompt this choice during the last stages of dialogue, right before the quest officially begins, but some do not. In the latter cases, the player needs to choose the combat mode before starting dialogue with the NPC quest-giver.

Forcing yourself to adjust to the faster speed of RT mode will drive you to become much more efficient in fights; you'll manage many things better, including movement and weapon reloads. This will step you closer to being a PvP competitor, and playing on a team. While some team fights are in TB, most are in RT. Remember: in the time you've taken to beat some quest in TB mode, the RT players may have beaten that same quest twice.

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