Dan McGrew

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«“New Reno's strong enough to protect Redding from the other two. Since New Reno's divvied up amongst different gang-families, it's divided enough to give us our best chance for autonomy. In New Reno, they don't care how we run things - as long as they get their Gold.”»

Dangerous Dan
Hmlthraa sw.gif
Dan owns the Morningstar Mine. He is a short, barrel-chested man with a full, dark bear.
HP 114
Weapon Unarmed
Location Redding, office in the Morningstar Mine building.
Quests Jet Supply Issue
Training Profession: Demolition Expert
Perks Pack Rat
Trading No Barter option
Other Sells Detonator Parts

“Dangerous” Dan McGrew is the owner of Redding's Morningstar Mine.


A realist with a strong belief in personal liberty and Redding independence, Dan McGrew is short, but by no means small. He is barrel-chested, with great muscle tone, and a scarred face. The full facial beard and perpetual layer of rock dust on him tell everyone that he is a miner, and a good one to boot. He is the direct rival of Marge LeBarge and Doc Johnson, trying to align Redding with New Reno using the profits he makes from his mine.

Dan's logic is simple: Where NCR would annex Redding and turn it into another of its frontier territories under its laws, and Vault City would turn Redding into a labor camp, New Reno's anarchy would ensure that Redding would have autonomy as long as they kept delivering the Gold to the city. At the same time, the crime capital would be large enough to keep both the NCR and VC away from Redding. Dan isn't blind and knows that Redding has to choose a master, but it should do so while it can still choose them on its own.

Ironically, the very city he wants to align the town with is the source of his greatest problems; The Mordinos keep bringing in more and more Jet into the city. Half of Dan's miners are more busy looking for a fix than working, which directly impedes his ability to meet the production quotas. He hopes that an excavator chip will help his profit line and ensure his plans come to fruition (a FO2-related quest).