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The official NCR's Flag, featuring the two-headed bear...
« NCR has outlawed slavery in their territories, has one of the best and largest standing armies in the wastes, and has benefited under their current President, Tandi, who has been with the Republic since she was a young girl in Shady Sands. On the plus side, the NCR has attempted to bring civilization and law back to the wasteland, and they don't (openly) discriminate against ghouls and mutants. »

- From Chris Avellone's Fallout Bible, part 6.

The New California Republic (NCR) is a federation of towns in California. In FOnline: Reloaded, this federation is located on the southern part of The World map. Its capital is Shady Sands, with 3000+ inhabitants. In the year 2238, the population of the state is about 700,000 people. The NCR state maintains the largest standing army in The World.

Towns in the Federation

The official flag of the New California Republic, waving in the wind!

The following towns are included in the New California Republic. They receive economic help as well as Ranger reinforcements when they need it; their global policy is also shared. All of them are guarded towns.


The New California Republic was born from the remnants of the survivors of Vault 15 and the small walled community they founded, Shady Sands. Under the leadership of Aradesh, and with the assistance of the Vault Dweller (who saved Tandi, Aradesh’s daughter and a future president of the NCR), the community prospered. Trade routes with other settlements allowed cultural exchange, and a movement to form a national entity gradually took root and won popular acceptance. In 2186, the town of Shady Sands changed its name to “New California Republic ” and formed a trial council government to draft a constitution. Four more settlements joined the council, and in 2189 the NCR was voted into existence as a sprawling federation of five states, including: Shady Sands, Boneyard, Hub, and Dayglow.

Military Strength

The strength of the New California Republic is mainly its manpower. With 700,000 citizens, the state has a large population, superior to that of the Enclave or the Brotherhood of Steel, and even to Vault City or Raider forces. Since the Republic includes a powerful town like the Hub, and since its capital is a trading town, NCR's army has no problems finding weapons or armors for its soldiers.

Police Forces

NCR's army is not supposed to keep peace inside the federation's towns, so each town have to make its own police force. However, the Rangers can make a good intervention force, if a serious battle happens somewhere. They are quick and well-trained, as they are the elite force of the state. They are said to have numerous bases throughout California, and they use these to strike slavers or outlaws anywhere.


The New California Republic is mainly growing thanks to the commitments of its citizens, but as it is covering a large part of the southern California, a lot of merchants and caravans have to trade in this area. NCR is receiving a part of this wealth that is traveling across the wastes.