Evelyn the Farmer

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A woman in her thirties with long black hair. She looks troubled.
HP 91
Weapon Unarmed
Location At the A Tent in the Wasteland
Quests A Tent in the Wasteland
Training N/A
Perks N/A
Trading Limited Barter

Evelyn the Farmer is a farmer living in the wasteland, aprt from her home. She is found in a tent hurridly established after her and her family were forced out of their farmehouse. She is the quest giver for the A Tent in the Wasteland quest. Her and her family, composed of Hasso the Farmer, Sally, and Eric, were forced out of their farm home due to it being overrun with giant rats.

Talking to her, she is preparing a wasteland stew, however, she will make conversation, in which the player character can offer to help the family reclaim their farm home. She will ask the player character to clear the home of the rats, and tell her when they have done so. Upon returning to her, she packs up her tent and her family and they return to their home, giving the tent and some rope as a reward for clearing the home.