Shady Sands

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"You have entered Shady Sands, the capitol of the New California Republic. Its streets are busy and filled with traders and travelers of various kinds."

Shady Sands is the capital of the New California Republic state, and thus Shady Sands is often referred to as NCR (even though NCR is technically not a town). It is one of the larger cities, along with San Francisco and The Hub, which all provide services and are as large as the New California Republic's capital.


Shady Sands was a small town built by the survivors of the early-opened Vault 15. Villagers of Shady Sands were smart enough to build an army, and to develop their town. Later on, the New California Republic was created, with both police and military forces. Its great resources are coming from its large brahmin herds, and from the caravans that travel across the Republic. Directed by president Tandi for dozens of years, Shady Sands is still expanding. Well-driven and safe, this city can only grow stronger.


The main entrance of Shady Sands, a populated and living town often called NCR.

In Fallout 2, it is one of the biggest cities. The city is known to have over 3000 inhabitants in the original Fallout game, and this population can be compared to FOnline's one: Thanks to various features, NCR is one of the most crowded meeting places in The World. As it is a guarded city, wandering around in the town is quite safe. Players are able to trade safely and to talk to many NPCs that can give quests, train you in some Professions, and provide other services (Slavery, bank accounts, etc, see below).

You can bring your Companion Followers and mutant or ghoul mercenaries there, as they're also allowed to enter the city.

Weapons or Drugs are not allowed in the inner city, and the guards have no mercy in these cases.


Other Activities



  • Vortis Holding Center
  • Bazaar
  • Residence


Shady Sands is located at Grid 34:27 (western central area).

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