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The Hub's FLC, the first bank in the wasteland !

« You don't show us respect, you get hurt. How much more respectability can a man ask for? »

Lorenzo Giovanni, owner of the Hub's FLC.

The Friendly Lending Company (or FLC) is a business operation to lend caps to those that need funds. It is, in the Fallout world the best bank service. In the original Fallout, they were only in the Hub, but now, 76 years after, it seems the bankers have extended their business to other towns like Vault City or the New California Republic.

To know how to use the banks, read the bank accounts article.

Towns where the Friendly Lending Company is settled

The Company is implemented in many towns and is the best friend of the new players. The FLC is always in a building with the FLC logo painted on its wall.

The NCR's FLC.
  • NCR: In front of the Sheriff office.
  • The Hub: In front of the Maltese Falcon, in the south of the main area.
Vault City's FLC.
Broken Hills' FLC.
  • Broken Hills: Near Marcus, in the middle of the town. Broken Hills is not a safe city, avoid to use the bank there if you can't defend yourself !
  • Barter Grounds

  • Note: Redding's bank, into the Ascorti's casino, is not a FLC bank, but provides the same services. As Redding is not safe, just like Broken Hills, avoid the bank there if you can't protect yourself.