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Running a Private Mine
Details about how you can setup a private mine.
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A private mine is not really private since it is a dot on everyone's map. They do run dry, at which point they can be abandoned and you can go set up the next one nearby for another 40k payment.

A Slaver Build

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Capturing Slaves

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You can buy them for 40k Caps from a Foreman in any of the guarded mines:

Setup Tips

  • You can command your mining slaves to drop all or take ores from them by trade in order to dig more.
  • You no longer need to provide food or drugs to your slaves - they work without these.
  • When they get stuck mining just use command "stop all action". They will go back to starting position and after a while they will start mining again without giving them new commands.
  • Never use "regroup" command because it will reset all commands and they will stop digging.
  • Slaves shouldn't stand near veins; minimum 3-hex distance to minimize pathing errors.
  • Try to place them in the widest places in mine. This will reduce pathing errors also.
  • Place them 1 by 1 as far as possible from each other.


  • You can dig normal quality materials in an Old Bunker Base and you can give commands to slaves there.
  • Private mines spawn in the north near Redding and Klamath.
  • It is recommended to avoid bringing other players to your private mine because those characters will see the mine forever.
  • It is best to manage a private mine with only the character who purchased it.
  • You can expect up to 25k ores from any well-run private mine, if it has no pathing errors.

Cycling to Next Mine

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