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Action Points (AP) are the core of the combat system in the Fallout series. Each player Character performs actions per time in Real-Time mode, and actions per turn in Turn-Based mode. Actions are thus limited by how many Action Points you have, which regenerate depending on your combat mode. Walking, shooting, reloading, healing, picking locks, recovering from a knockdown, picking up and dropping items, are some examples of actions, each of which has an AP cost. A Character's AP is determined by their build, and Agility plays a major role, as does the Action Boy perks and a few other factors.

In FOnline: Reloaded, most of the PvP fights are in Real-Time, during which your Action Points will automatically regenerate from 0 to full, over time (4 real-time seconds).

NOTE: Some skills require 5 Action Points to use.

NOTE: Opening a container requires 4 Action Points.

NOTE: Using a Super Stimpak requires 5 Action Points.


In Real-Time mode, your Action Points will regenerate only when you stand still, so your AP does not recover while you're running. In Real-Time, your AP regenerates from 0 to full (whatever full is for your Character) in 4 real-time seconds, so the higher your maximum Action Points the faster each of your APs will regenerate. In Turn-Based mode, your Action Points are fully regenerated each turn.

This is expressed in ms and is set in config.fos by: __ApRegeneration = 4000;


Two players in Real-Time: one has 10 AP and the other has 15 AP. They both spend all of their AP at the same exact moment, down to zero AP. Over the next 4 seconds, AP of both characters will recharge to full. So the 15 AP character gets a 1.5x faster recharge. If they both need 4 AP to shoot their gun again, the 15 AP character will be able to shoot sooner than the 10 AP character. This is why some players choose to use Jet for +2 AP, even though Jet reduces their DR.

Maximum Action Points

Your maximum Action Points are calculated with the following formula:

5 + (Agility/2)

It can also be increased with the Action Boy perk (+1 AP per rank of this perk) or by taking Jet or Nuka-Cola. (AP from Drugs is only temporary.) In Turn-Based mode, each character gets 2 free AP for movement only (formerly a perk called Bonus Move).

NOTE: If you are Radiated, your AP is likely decreased by 1 AP for each 10% of radiation.

Base Action Points Calculation

Agility Maximum Action Points With Bruiser trait
1 5 3
2 6 4
3 6 4
4 7 5
5 7 5
6 8 6
7 8 6
8 9 7
9 9 7
10 10 8