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Build Advice
Forget the builds you used in Fallout 2. The builds in this game are different.
Season 3
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This is meant to give concise, but accurate direction to newer players about character builds. Builds have a wide variety of options and many players have a Fallout 2 orientation to this subject which does not work well in this game. This is not Fallout 2 Online. So you'll need to be willing to unlearn/re-learn the facts.

Also many players are returning here, having once played FOnline: 2238 and thus have outdated ideas about builds. Notice in the chapter list, there are no "crafters". That's because almost any character can be a crafter (and get tons of XP that way). In the old days, having one character dedicated to crafting was common. But today with no leveling cap, it makes more sense to use your regular combat characters for crafting. Or use your starting explorer character for crafting. Either way, there is no need anymore for a "crafting build".

One of the most important things you can do is to use one of the character planner tools (search Tools subforum) to plan a character in advance of registering. First though, find the Perks page, and realize there are leveling Perks (the real perks) and there are Support Perks. Mainly, you need to read each of the pages regarding the leveling Perks. Your character will hopefully get 8 of those, and this becomes a character's most defining combination of qualities. Once you know which weapon will be your primary, and you know the perks, and you hone in on the ones you want most, then use a planner tool to plan an ideal character prior to registration.

The following pages are meant to give you some guidance in planning the most ideal builds, including a few actual build examples you can use in-game.

A Few Things First

For new players who want to explore the game's PvE content first, it is recommended to begin with a strong explorer character that survives well, kills monsters easily, builds Safe Houses, and gets his own private base. Such a lead character is often not Rerolled, but kept permanently. However, sometime after a new player is established, he will likely want additional characters, maybe designed specifically for tougher combat, and even PvP. Using a character planner tool to design a new character will help you identify a goal: what level is ideal for this build. The target level might be Level 50, for example, which allows that new fighter to have maximum First Aid skill, or it might be over 100 to allow for Sneak 270. It is at times like this that many veteran players will take advantage of the Reroll feature, by first registering a Leveling Build instead of the actual fighter build that has been planned. They temporarily use a Leveling Build to reach the target level more quickly, and then Reroll that character to get the one they really want.


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