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I'm radioactive!

Your character is suffering from a significant amount of radiation poisoning. The more radiation, the deadlier the effect.


Both players and the NPCs they control can get irradiated in several ways:

Symptoms and Effects

For every 10% of exposure, you will suffer a 1-point drop to your SPECIAL. So at 27%, you might be down by 1 PE point, and 1 AG point, and be close to losing another point. So radiation does have a severe effect. Watch for these various text messages:

You feel very nauseous.

  • Even the smallest dose of radiation will generate the above message, and the 'Radiated' indicator will be highlighted on the character's profile screen.

You feel very nauseous, and after some mild vomiting, slightly fatigued.

  • At 50 rads (2.78% of the lethal dose), a second Radiated indicator will appear, this time in the upper-left corner of the main screen. Hovering your cursor over it will allow you to monitor what percentage of the lethal dose you have received so far.

You are very fatigued, the vomiting does not stop, and your recovery time is impaired.

  • At 200 rads (11.11% of the lethal dose), the character's health will be adversely affected, causing a temporary loss of 1 SPECIAL point.

You are hemorrhaging violently. You are very sick, and your hair is falling out.

  • At 375 rads (20.83% of the lethal dose), the character's health will be significantly affected, resulting in a temporary loss of 2-5 SPECIAL points.
  • At 1800 rads (100% of the lethal dose), the character will melt into a puddle of goo.
  • Respawning does not reset the irradiation level of the one who died; it only lowers the absorbed dose to just below its lethal value provided the death occurred due to irradiation.

Prevention and Treatment

  • A Geiger Counter, as well as the indicator on the main screen, can be used to monitor your character's current irradiation level.
  • Radiation resistance lowers the percentage of background radiation that affects the player. For each point in Endurance you get 2% base Rad Resistance. It can be temporarily boosted by using Rad-X.
  • A player can permanently elevate his/her radiation resistance in these ways:
  • A player can use crafted armor that has a radiation resistances bonus.
  • Radiation poisoning can be self-treated with the drug RadAway. Alternatively, one may choose to receive treatment from one of the NPC doctors at a cost equal to 50 caps multiplied by the level of the player undergoing the treatment

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