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Mabromaa sw.gif
A two-headed mutant cow. You don't notice anything unusual about the brahmin.
Variants Average
HP Range 35-59
XP Range 50-60
Notes Capture with Rope


A domesticated animal in FOnline: Reloaded. You can buy them in some cities or catch them in random encounters by simply using a rope. If your attempt fails, the brahmin will attack you, but you can try again on the same animal with the same rope. When it works, your rope disappears and you'll see a text message about it. Lead your animal to the world map and it will follow you wherever you go.

You can obtain a Brahmin Hide by killing a brahmin, unless the brahmin is killed with explosive damage.


It can be used as a transport animal for items, especially useful in Mines. The Carry Weight of this animal seems to be nearly endless and thus makes it incredibly useful to move tons of items. Use it to move a tent, for example, when you want to clear all the items in one tent and upgrade it to a Safe House.

Note: For best results, park a brahmin 2 hexes away from where you are standing, where you want to drop a large pile of items. With a 2-hex distance, your character can use the Grab-All (Control+G) and Drop-All (Control+D) functions for quicker item movement. If you park your brahmin too close, these functions do not work.


By default, your brahmin will follow you wherever you go, but you can tell it to stay put somewhere. You can also change it to Manual Move mode, and direct it to a specific hex. This is very useful when moving lots of goods.

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