Brahmin Dung

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Brahmin Dung, aka Poo
This is... obviously, brahmin crap.
Primary Use Player Farm
Alternate Use Crafting Jet
Weight 453 grams
Base Price ? caps

Finding Brahmin Dung

Poo is found all around Brahmins in curious little piles. Either pick them up from the ground to obtain them, or use a Shovel to get XP for Shoveling Poo.

NOTE: There is also something called "goo" which looks the same as poo but cannot be shoveled. So if you find some poo you cannot seem to pick up or shovel, check its description - it might be goo, which is permanently attached to the ground.

Watch your footing when walking on poo - you might slip and fall and "Now you REALLY stink!"


  • Jet requires brahmin poo for crafting
  • Planting crops in the Player Farm requires a lot of poo.
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