Brahmin Hide

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Brahmin Hide
Brahmin skin.gif
This hide is about as good as any you'll find in the wastes. It has been scoured and bated by hand.
Primary Use Crafting higher armors and Tents
Alternate Use N/A
Weight 1,800 grams
Base Price 80 caps

Brahmin Hide is an important wasteland natural resource. It is used to craft the Folded Tent as well as a variety of armors.

Finding Brahmin hides

  • You can get some by killing brahmin in random encounters.
  • Note: If you finish off the brahmin with explosive damage, like molotov cocktail there will be no hides.
  • You might receive some by Dismantling the types of armors that needed Brahmin Hides to be crafted.
  • You can also obtain them from A Brahmin Herdsman's Job quest. NOTE: The quest will fail by doing so.


Brahmin hides are used to create certain armors and a few other items and also to build safe private locations.

The following items need brahmin hides to be crafted:

The following private locations need brahmin hides to be build:

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