Frag Mine

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Frag Mine
The Anti-Personnel Mine is designed to maim and kill personnel.
Damage 30 - 70
Single 3
Aimed Attack No
Damage type Explode
Weapon Perk None
Ammo None
Ammo capacity 0
Strength required None
Type Single-handed
Possible buffs for Weapons
Deterioration No
Weight 10320 grams
Base price To do caps

Note: Damage range shown on this page is base damage only. Damage is affected by the Traps skill, Demolition Expert perk increases the blast radius by 1.


  • Can be found in footlockers ready to use, and placed on the ground to do damage to unsuspecting passersby.
Throwing Weapon and Explosive * - Can not be crafted
None Requirements Molotov Cocktail · Throwing Knife · Sharpened Pole · Spear · Sharpened Spear
Flare* · Fool's Gold* · Pashtshuur Spike* · Plant Spike* · Uranium Ore* · Rock* · Frag Mine*
Demolition Expert 1
Grenade (Frag)
Demolition Expert 2
Grenade (Fire) · Grenade (Plasma) · Dynacord Stick · Dynamite · Plastic Explosives
Rare Throwing weapons
Can not be crafted
Grenade (Pulse) · Holy Hand Grenade