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Modifies The finding and removal of traps. Also the setting of explosives, for demolition purposes.
Initial level 10% + (Perception + Agility)
Related perks Demolition Expert
Light Step
Related traits (none)
Maximum 150

"The Traps skill governs the player's ability to find and remove traps. The skill also has an impact on the player's ability to handle timed explosives properly. This excludes grenades, as they are handled under the Throwing skill. "


Get Light Step with Traps 50, and walk right over dangerous bear traps that otherwise brake your legs while hunting Footlockers. The higher your Traps skill, the more damage you do with when setting off Dynamite or Plastic Explosives, up to 645% damage at 150 Traps. As said in the description, this does not affect the damage done with thrown weapons. Also, the higher your Traps skill, the less likely you are to set off a trap, such as bear traps which often spawn near Footlockers, when attempting to disable it.

NOTE: Maximum Traps skill is 150. You can attempt to make it higher but it will go back to 150 and give you your points back.

Professions Requiring Traps

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