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A flare. Creates light for a short period of time. The paper is a little worn, but otherwise it's in good condition. It is lit.
Damage 1 - 1
Throw AP: 2
Range 15 hex (if Strength ≥ 5)
Radius of damage None
Damage type Normal
Weapon Perk None
Strength required 0
Type Single-handed
Weight 453 grams
Base price 60 caps

When activated, a flare creates a light around the player holding it in one of their hands. It can help raise a player's accuracy during the night.

They come in a few different colored versions.

Note: Aiming attacks on hands,legs and torso uses same amount AP like basic attack. Attacks in the head, eyes, groin +1 AP instead of +2 AP.

Flare Color Versions

  • Flare (Green)
  • Flare (Orange)
  • Flare (Yellow)
  • Flare (White)



  • Flares can be used to generate light on the ground. For each flare dropped separately on the same hex, the intensity of the color grows. If equipped in a hand slot, a flare will make player glow.
  • Flares can be used as a throwing weapon.
  • When a flare is used inside a random encounter, it will make the encounter visible to all players on the worldmap. These are called Flare Traps, which can be in Turn-Based. Beware!

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