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A working VTOL!
Sold By Players sometimes
Location Old Warehouse
NPC Price N/A Caps
FCC Required? No
Passengers 10
Trunk Space wip
Fuel Capacity 40-400
Fuel Economy 2-40
Fuel Types SEC
Rot Gut w/Upgrade
Speed 60-200
Deterioration 5-10-30

The best of all Vehicles in the game, for it's speed and rarity. Allows island access. Can sometimes be purchased from players, but cannot be purchased from any NPC. This vehicle can be found in the Old Warehouse, one of the Special Encounters.

NOTE: Vertibirds can still be forced into encounters, even though they fly above ground and the critters they encounter are all on the ground.

Fuel Efficiency

Some cars really guzzle fuel, and some last longer on a full tank. On a scale from 2 (best) to 40 (worst), this vehicle's fuel consumption rate is a 40.


Some vehicles are faster and some are slower. On a scale from 60 (slowest) to 200 (fastest), this vehicle has a speed rating of 200.


Vehicles do break down with use, some faster than others. On a scale from 5 (best) to 30 (worst), this vehicle's Deterioration rate is a 10. Use Science to check fuel, and condition. Use a Repair Tool to fix.


With fuel in Inventory, click-hold on vehicle to get drop-down menu, choose Inventory icon, and click on fuel; use either SEC or MFC, or Rot Gut if your Vertibird has the Rot Gut Engine Upgrade.

Shoot One Down

Bring some Howitzer Shells to Barter Ground, load the big Howitzer gun there, and maybe shoot down an Enclave Vertibird to get into a tough fight with Enclave soldiers and possibly find some Replacement Parts:

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