Doc Jubilee

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Doc Jubilee
It's Doc Jubilee, an old kindly looking fellow.
HP 85
Weapon Unarmed
Location Shady Sands Hospital, downtown
Quests Involved in For Medical Science
Training Profession: Doctor 1 and 2
Perks N/A
Trading Sells medically related Blueprints
Barters medical supplies
Other For a price, will heal Characters of radiation, damage and Injuries.

Doc Jubilee can be found in the NCR hospital building, right next-door to Dr. Henry's Medical Research building, and across the street from Dusty's Cantina. Doc Jubilee offers medical supplies and is rather keen on sharing knowledge about his profession of being a doctor, for Caps. He trades in the various Drugs of the wasteland.

You can buy from him the following blueprints: