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Manufacturing plans for a weapon, drug or armor.
Primary Use Crafting better gear
Alternate Use Traded
Sold for Caps
Weight 0 grams
Base Price Various amounts of caps

All blueprints are weightless and look the same. Mouse-over them to display their details. A Character uses a blueprint, and the blueprint will disappear. From then on, that Character can craft that item, provided they also meet the other requirements.

NOTE: Blueprints are only one requirement to Crafting higher-end items; you also need sufficient skill and professions too, a proper Workbench, sometimes a Tool, and of course Materials.

Obtaining Blueprints

  • You can occasionally find Footlockers in random encounters on city ruins. Opening these usually requires a high Lockpick skill and may contain Items ranging from Junk to blueprints. Some of the Footlockers are more difficult to pick open than others, and many are surrounded by lethal traps.
  • There are quests that may give a blueprint as a reward for your efforts.
  • Trade with other players.
  • Blueprints can now be purchased from certain NPC Merchants via dialogue.
  • Available in some desks inside Ares Rocket Silo, and in Glow.

Available for Caps via Dialogue


Blueprints are required to craft most higher-tier equipment. Consuming them will permanently add those items to your Fix-Boy, provided you have the second level of the required professions. A blueprint is a single use item and will disappear after use, but allow you to craft its designated item forever.

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