Ares Rocket Silo

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Ares Rocket Silo
Description Pre-war missile launch site, heavily guarded by hostile supermutants
Sections Large surface level
4 underground levels
Leaders Supermutant bosses
Doctors none
Merchants none
Factions Many Hostile Super Mutants
Zone 39:8 in far Northeast
Coordinates 1968:436
Quests (none)

Ares Rocket Silo (also called Ares Military Base) is a custom area unique to FOnline: Reloaded located up toward the far north east of The World map.


The Rocket Silo appears to be the ruins of an old missile launch site. Behind the large fences, there is a warehouse building with locked containers. There are three huge silo doors in the ground; two closed and one wide open, suggesting one rocket must have been launched a long time ago. There is a crashed Vertibird and some tents in the area, which have locked containers. Check these for valuable contents if you can survive long enough.


Not so long ago, Ares Rocket Silo was empty and abandoned, serving mainly as a place for GM-hosted events. But since then, the entire site has been overrun with super mutants and is now in full use as a major base of operations for them. The underground levels are accessible via a rope tied to a beam that hangs over the open silo. Inside, you can find worthy including combat gear and Blueprints. Bring high Lockpick skill and Expanded Lockpick Sets to open locked containers. Find Flares, Stealth Boys, Motion Sensors and other loot inside. You'll also need to use Repair and/or Science skills on various energy doors to reach the lower levels. Be advised, as challenging as it can be to fight the mutants on the surface, fighting the ones inside is even more difficult. Many have died trying.

NOTE: Mutants respawn time is 30 RT minutes.

The Levels

  • Surface: Large, spread out, with groups of hostile mutants, and some lesser bosses. Watch out for Bozars and Rocket Launchers.
  • Level 1: Be ready for a tough initial fight against multiple targets. They will swarm the entrance room soon after you descend the rope.
  • Level 2: Once you use the elevator, you're in a room with the enemy. Your friends are right behind you, right?
  • Level 3: This starts with another tough fight against a swarm of well-armed mutants, and ends with a boss mutant wielding a Gatling Laser. Did you bring some Tesla Armor?
  • Level 4: The crazy 4th level of death and chaos might end in a fight against the big mutant boss. If you can beat him, you've reached the last loot containers at Ares.

NOTE: Find an Exit Grid on the 4th level near the last loot containers.

A Prepper's Checklist

  • You'll likely need Drugs for these fights. Tanks should use Psycho and Beer.
  • A Tent nearby helps a lot, where you've staged some spare gear: armor, weapons, ammo, and Super Tool Kits.
  • It helps a lot if someone in your party has high Repair skill to fix damaged gear, and open the energy doors.
  • Team tactics and a plan, or a leader with a plan, and use of focus-fire.


Ares Rocket Silo is located in zone 39:8, in the far Northeast area of The World, and is not a full loot drop location.

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