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A strange piece of fruit. No preservatives and no additional food coloring added.
Effects Immediate: +4 to Current Hit Points,
or +16 HP with Way of the Fruit
+1 to current radiation level after 120 minutes
+1 to current radiation level after 8 hours
No radiation with Way of the Fruit
Weight 100 grams
Base Price 25 Caps

A consumable and mutated fruit, called a radapple by some.

Gathering Fruits

Fruit can be gathered from fruit trees in random encounters. There will usually be 20 fruits per fruit tree in an encounter. You'll be able to see the fruit hanging on the tree branches, until they've all been harvested.

Finding Fruit

  • Found in various Random Encounters, especially near mountains but sometimes even in city ruins.
  • In Modoc, there is a whole field of fruit trees next to Rose's Inn.
  • Get fruit from Klamath's Hunting Ground.
  • In Badega Bay, sold by a Fisherman who can be found inside a shack with a "RIPPER" poster. One Fruit (Seaweed) costs 35 caps.
  • There are two fruit trees in Hub - can you find them?
  • In various towns, including San Francisco, Broken Hills, Den, etc. - just look around.
Apples Trees in random encounter


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