Rad Resistance

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Rad Resistance
Support Perk
Requirements Intelligence ≥ 7 and Doctor ≥ 100%
Ranks 1
Bonus +30% to your Radiation resistance
+20% to your Poison Resistance

You know how to avoid radiation and its bad effects more effectively. This perk adds 30% to your Rad Resistance and 20% to your Poison Resistance.

Rad Resistance is a support perk that requires both Doctor skill 100, and Intelligence 7. If your IN is 5 or less, you won't be able to get this perk by using Mentats and/or special armor. However, if your IN is 6, a Logic Co-Processor (Intelligence implant) will work.

Where to obtain (Spoiler)
It can be obtained from glowing one inside the Reactor in Gecko.
Location of Glowing One who gives the Support Perk "Rad Resistance"
The location of Glowing One.

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