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Some type of home brewed beer.
Effects Immediate: -2 to Perception, +5% to Normal DR, +1 to Charisma
+2 to Perception, -5% to Normal DR, -1 to Charisma after 30 minutes
Weight 203 grams
Base Price 5 Caps
Crafting Table
Beer.gif x 1
Requirements None
Blueprints No
Resources 1 x Plastic bottle with water.png or
Waterbag.png and
1 x Barley.png
Tools BrewerageDevice.png
XP 0 info maybe outdated

Some type of home brewed beer.

Note: When you drink one, the leftover cap from the bottle is added to your inventory.

Note: Beer effects do not stack.


  • You can buy limitless amounts of Beer in many different bars all over the wasteland, for 10 caps each.
  • You can brew some of your own using Brewerage Device.

Other Beverages

Other Drugs * - Can be crafted
None Requirements Beer · Fruit · Weak Healing Powder · Healing Powder* · Nuka-Cola* · Cigarettes*
Profession: Doctor 1 Antidote
Profession: Doctor 2 Stimpak · Super Stimpak · RadAway · Rad-X · Mentats · Buffout · Jet · Psycho
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