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An unique delivery system filled with strange and unknown chemicals of probably military origin. It is supposed to increase the combat potential of a soldier.
Effects +15 to Damage Resistance
+1 to Strength
+1 to Endurance
-2 to Perception
Duration 30 RT minutes
After -15 to Damage Resistance
-1 to Strength
-1 to Endurance
+2 to Perception
Addiction n/a
Weight 100 grams
Base Price 700 Caps

Psycho is usually a fighter's most important drug. It increases ST by 1, but more importantly it increases a Character's normal Damage Resistance by 15. It does reduce PE by 2 points, so it's often not used by snipers, but 1 of those PE points can be immediately recovered by smoking Cigarettes. Tanky fighters almost always use Psycho and Beer for enhanced personal defense.

NOTE: This drug only increases one's resistance to Normal damage.

Renesco sells this blueprint for 10k Caps.


  • Psycho is sold by most doctors
  • Can be crafted
  • Often awarded for successful completion of water runs for Water Merchants
Crafting Table
Lastdrug.gif x 1
Requirements Profession: Doctor: 2
Blueprints Yes
Resources 1 x Stimpak.gif
2 x Chemical Component.gif
1 x Biomedgel.gif
Tools Medical Terminal
XP 85 info maybe outdated
Other Drugs * - Can be crafted
None Requirements Beer · Fruit · Weak Healing Powder · Healing Powder* · Nuka-Cola* · Cigarettes*
Profession: Doctor 1 Antidote
Profession: Doctor 2 Stimpak · Super Stimpak · RadAway · Rad-X · Mentats · Buffout · Jet · Psycho
Rare Drugs Hypo · Cookie · Drug Antidote