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A medical injection instrument of some kind. It looks very high tech. You don't know what it's filled with but it appears to have only one dose left.
Effects Immediate: +100 to 150 Current Hit Points
Weight 84 grams
Base Price 1500 Caps

The Hypo is the strongest of all healing Drugs. It only costs is 3 AP to use, whereas other healing costs 5 AP. It looks a lot like a hypodermic needle, but strangely high-tech, as if from another world.


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Other Drugs * - Can be crafted
None Requirements Beer · Fruit · Weak Healing Powder · Healing Powder* · Nuka-Cola* · Cigarettes*
Profession: Doctor 1 Antidote
Profession: Doctor 2 Stimpak · Super Stimpak · RadAway · Rad-X · Mentats · Buffout · Jet · Psycho
Rare Drugs Hypo · Cookie · Drug Antidote