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A pack of pre-war cigarettes. The label says 'Lucky Shot'.
Effects +1 to Perception
-1 to Charisma
Duration 30 RT minutes
After -1 to Perception
+1 to Charisma
Addiction N/A
Weight 100 grams
Base Price 3 Caps

Smoking cigarettes raises a Character's PE by 1 point for 30 RT minutes (limit 1, does not stack). A Lighter is not needed to use this drug. However, if someone else has a cigarette pack in hand, you can use a Lighter on that Character, which forces them to use this drug.

Cigarettes are considered the companion drug to Psycho because Psycho reduces PE by 2, and cigarettes allow you to recover half of that loss.

To look really cool and blow a smoke ring, you can see a special smoking animation if you "USE" a cigarette with a Lighter in one hand, while wearing one of the following:


NOTE: Its drug effect does not stack. Smoking additional cigarettes while previous cig's effects are still active will however reset this drug's timer.

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Crafting Table
Cigarettes.gif x 1
Requirements None
Blueprints No
Resources 2 x Tobbaco2.gif
Tools CigarettesCraftingMachineScreen.jpg
XP 0 info maybe outdated
Other Drugs * - Can be crafted
None Requirements Beer · Fruit · Weak Healing Powder · Healing Powder* · Nuka-Cola* · Cigarettes*
Profession: Doctor 1 Antidote
Profession: Doctor 2 Stimpak · Super Stimpak · RadAway · Rad-X · Mentats · Buffout · Jet · Psycho
Rare Drugs Hypo · Cookie · Drug Antidote