First Aid

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First Aid
First Aid.gif
Modifies Amount of hp healed when using First Aid.
Initial level (Perception+Intelligence) x 2
Related perks Medic
Field Medic
Related traits
Maximum 200

"General healing skill. Used to heal small cuts, abrasions and other minor ills. In game terms, the use of First Aid can heal more hit points over time than just rest."

First Aid is primarily used to heal yourself, another player, or an NPC. Your skill % is the highest amount of hp you can restore with this skill. Formula for hp actually restored is Random(2/5*skill,skill) Hit Points. Besides this formula, there is a 5% chance of either critical success or critical failure - whether it's a success or failure is determined by a Random(0,11) roll vs. healer's Luck. When critical success, number of hit points equal to skill level is healed. When critical failure, Random(1,skill/10) Hit Points is healed.

First Aid only regenerates hit points, and does not heal injuries - that is the Doctor's job.

Note: First Aid works during a Turn-Based combat.

Note: Using This skill on others makes the healer unsneaked.

Note: After your character level is 30, you don't get anymore experience from First Aid.

Note: Maximum First Aid skill is 200. You can attempt to make it higher but it will go back to 200 and give you your points back.


The amount of time between each use of First Aid is governed by your skill.

First Aid skill cooldowns:

     <50% - always 180 seconds
          50% - 180s
          75% - 165s
         100% - 150s
         125% - 135s
         150% - 120s
         175% - 105s
         200% - 90s

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