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Support Perk
Requirements Outdoorsman 150%
Ranks 1
Bonus Faster travel speed on the map
Reveals all map zones

The mark of the Explorer is to search out new and interesting locations.

Explorer is a support perk that increases your World Map traveling speed by allowing you to ignore half of the terrain-related speed penalties. It also reveals all zones on The World map, including water zones and islands.

NOTE: This perk shows the worldmap, it does not reveal locations.

Where to obtain (Spoiler)
It can be obtained during a conversation with Mantis the Ghoul, who can be found at the NCR train station.
What to say (Spoiler)
For those who have problems, the dialogue options only appear after you have most of the locations shown on your world map, and have been to every train station.
The options to select should be:

"You seem to come around a lot. Got any spare tip for me?"


"What should I say, the road is my home..."

NOTE: This perk cannot be gained unless the player has discovered all major town locations on the World Map (Glow not included), and all 4 train stations. Before that, you won't see the proper dialogue option with Mantis the Ghoul.

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