Gecko Skinning

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Gecko Skinning
Support Perk
Requirements Outdoorsman 50%
Ranks 1
Bonus Ability to harvest gecko pelts

You have the knowledge of how to skin geckos properly in order to get their pelts.

If you start in Lander's Point, you can get this perk from the "Old Trapper" near the hunting grounds.

Gecko Skinning is a support perk.

Where to obtain (Spoiler)
It can be obtained during a conversation with the trapper in leather armor standing near the campfire with his fellow trappers, just inside Trapper Town, Klamath.
Location of Trappers who give the Support Perk "Gecko Skinning"
The location of trappers.

Note: The easiest way to get this perk is talking to the Travelling Merchant in the Hub. He can teach you Gecko Skinning perk for 500 caps (no skills required), and also can show location where to find some geckos.

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