Light Step

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Light Step
Support Perk
Requirements Traps 50%
Ranks 1
Bonus Halves chance to set off traps

You are agile, lucky, and always careful. This Perk halves your chances of setting off a trap.

Light Step is a Support Perk.

Where to obtain (Spoiler)
It can be obtained during a conversation with most of the children that live in Klamath. Just don't wear any Metal Mask, they'd mistake you for Mr. Myers and it would scare them.

NOTE: If you have the Childkiller Karma perk you won't be able to talk to children and get this support perk.

If you want to hunt for random lockers, plan to get this perk. With it, you can run over many bear traps without triggering them, which makes looting random lockers much less troublesome.

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