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Welcome to FOnline Reloaded!

Lets get started...

Check Builds if you need help creating your first character. Strong Explorer or 2019 Shooter Build might be a good start.

Ok, you created a character, what now?
It is advised not to skip the tutorial and visit the Lander's Point. you can gain some early levels there.

You can type ~combatmode rt for Real-Time encounters or ~combatmode tb for Turn-Based ones. Its up to you.
If the fight looks too hard you should run away, to avoid Death.

Use Radio to talk to other players in game.

Explore, do some quests, Captain Joe Kelly for example has some..
Crafting is also a viable option, if you are into it.

Make sure you take Support Perks, especially Educated and Swift Learner as soon as possible, as they are really beneficial.

Once you get to lvl 9 you will be able to join Caravans. Do NOT join San Francisco caravans.
Your equipped Weapon and Armor current Condition has to be 51% or higher to join it, and caravan is always in RT

Put all Skill points into Small guns, till you reach 200%. You can also buy Guns and Bullets once you start earning from caravans.

Make sure to familiarize yourself with Condition mechanics, check your gear every time you die, and ask someone to Repair it for you if condition is under 30%

Caravans are really good way to earn Caps and EXP. Doing caravan will keep you supplied with items that you loot, Caps and will help you lvlup.

Your next goal is to reach lvl 24. At lvl 24 you will have maximum HP and all the perks, and you will be able to use your build fully‚.

In the process, you would probably want to get yourself a car, but never leave it parked in the city, or someone will steal it. Use Tent.

The drop-down menu with the follow/tagging button highlighted.

You can tag someone by holding mouse1 on him and choosing this icon: This allows you to follow someone in the wastes, or someone to follow you, for whatever reasons.

You can add custom keyboard bindings in ReloadedConfig.exe to make your life easier.
Keep in mind you have to heal during combat, using Super Stimpak and First Aid. Bind it to whatever key you wish.

Pure Black Blue Interface can also be handy.

Press A to enter aim mode, R to reload and SPACE to end turn in Turn-Based combat.
Press Q to show your view range, W to show your gun range, CTRL + 1 and CTRL + 2 to disable roofs/walls. CTRL + A to make them transparent. Press + to increase brightness and - to decrease it
When standing on a pile of items you can press CTRL + G to pick it up all at once, and CTRL + D to drop all your items on the ground.
You can hold CTRL and click on items that are in Locker or trunk of a car to fast transfer them to your inventory, and the other way around. Normal arrow is used, hand does not work.
You can hold Shift and click on items that are in your inventory to fast drop them. Again, normal arrow.
F5 to extend the log, F7 to show NPC HP, and F9 to show players HP

You can find more commands here or by pressing F1 in game.

Make sure to use this Wiki along with [Reloaded Forum]

Keep in mind that I tried to make this guide quick read, only covering what I feel is important, if you want more check out: Getting Started

And if you made it this far, thanks for reading this.