2019 Shooter build + starting tips

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Bang Bang Bang!
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2019 Shooter build + starting tips.
Season 3rd
Status Done!
Completion 100%
Authors Leprechaun aka Oney
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Hello! I was playing on Reloaded a couple of years and i want to share some good stats for your first character. So here I'm gonna show what stats (SPECIAL) traits and skills you need to make a strong playable character. This is gonna be the character who use Small Guns but it can work same with Big Guns or Energy Weapons:

SPECIAL (stats)


  • First trait: Fast Shot (minus Action Points for the gun shots). It can work against your accuracy at first, but if you rise up your weapon skill you will be able to do more bursts or single shots with crits without aiming.
  • Second trait: Pick Bloody Mess, or Good Natured if you don't want to be a slaver, or Fast Metabolism or nothing. The rest of the traits are bad for this build.



Check the Perks and choose what perk you gonna pick when time will come (Levels 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24), but must-have perks are Bonus Rate of Attack at level 18 and maybe a Lifegiver for more HP.


You can use many drugs and get no addictions. There are some drugs that you will need for you build: cigarettes and Nuka-Cola.


MAIN thing!!!! Be sure you play in Turn-Based combat mode (FOConfig.exe -> combat). First skill you need to improve is Small Guns (or your other main gun skill) to least to 120%, then repair at least to 60% and find/buy some tool to repair your gear. This server has no loot drop in most locations, so the hardest thing is to get started. When you come out of the cave to The World map, go to the Gun Runners (Zone 30:45) and speak with Marshal. Then come to the Hub, you need to find 100 Caps. Search the lockers around the town and sell items to Gun Store Beth. Then find Iguana Pete; he will give you a first level XP for the 100 caps iguana. Dialogue option with him is:

  • 1. Id like an iguana on the stick please
  • 2. Yeah id love the iguana on the stick
  • 3. Okay here you go. Now give me my Iguana

Then you can go to the bar (right from Pete) and order some food from bartender to get some more XP. Also you need to get Gecko Skinning perk for 500 Caps from the Traveling Merchant near Beths Gun Shop.


Now its time to get you your Folded Tent. Head to Shady Sands (NCR) in zone 34:27. Enter the city and go back to The World map, and you'll see a new yellow location nearby. A Tent in the Wasteland. There is a family there and you need to help them. Ask Evelyn the Farmer (P.S. don't play cards with Hasso the Farmer). Kill all rats on their farm and you will find the Red Ryder BB Gun and will get a Folded Tent as a reward. Also that quest is the start of the long and interesting main quest, Blood-Soaked Heroes. After you get the Folded Tent, build it near the Hub.

Scout Dog

There is another cool feature. The Scout Dog, with 100-129 Hit Points that gives you 120% Outdoorsman skill when you travel with him. Go to New Adytum (Zone 30:46) and speak with Dyer Greenberg. Ask about places nearby, and about Salvagers and then you will see Salvagers (Zone 29:46) location on The World map. Go there and speak with the Dog Trainer. You can buy a Scout Dog from him for 500 Caps. WARNING!!!@!@! do not buy the 700 caps dog - he is much weaker. To travel with a dog, you need 40 party points (use ~pp command in game to check your party points). 1 Charisma and every 30% of Speech gives you 10 party points, so I usually use beer + mentats. There are commands for NPC followers: press alt key and click on the ground near you, and you will see a menu with commands. Flee and Regroup are the main commands. Use Regroup if the dog gets stuck or does not follow you. Use Flee and the dog will run out to exit, which can save his life in combat situation if he is hurt. If the dog dies, he's gone for good.