Lander's Point

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For the first time in your life, you can feel the sunlight burns your eyes, and you are in awe. But the stagnant air of the wasteland is a shock to your lungs and you cough heavily. Out in the distance to the left you can make out what appears to be a camp of settlers, but to the right an open, desolate road. You wonder what awaits you in this vast new world. Do you wave to the settlers and head over, or find your own way?


An optional Starting Location near Hub that is PvP-disabled, and meant for newer players. The NPC settlers here have longer, helpful dialogues to orient new players about basic things otherwise often missed. This combined with an assortment of starting jobs/quests, a new Character can get some early Levels in this semi-safe location. You can leave anytime, and get an Exit Package which contains items based on quest completion. The more quests you complete here, the more items will be included in your Lander's Point Exit Package.

While at the camp, Characters can check containers for a wide variety of random items. (Containers frequently refresh with new items.) Check desks, bookshelves, crates, lockers, etc. Some are locked, so decent Lockpick skill is needed. Get a Tool, and you can also scavenge for resources like Junk and more. Scavenge bits of trash laying around the camp like old axles, certain trash barrels, and miscellaneous junky items on the ground.

When ready, Characters can leave the camp via dialogue with Custos near the gate, and head out into the rest of The World. When Characters leave, all items are removed from their Inventory and left behind in the camp. What you get instead is an Exit Package, which consists of an assortment of items earned via the quests you completed in the settlement. This can include some tools, a few resources, and a Folded Tent.

Remember, you are working for this camp, so all of your work goes to the settlers here. Don't bother hoarding anything while at Lander's Point. All items in your Inventory get left behind for the camp, including whatever Caps you've saved up, and the settlers reward you with an Exit Package instead.

NOTE: The settlement cannot be re-entered once a Character leaves.


  • Dialogue with the settlers to learn some basic things about the game
  • Shoveling Poo and Lifting Caravan Boxes for early XP and Caps
  • Mining and Crafting. One Junk barrel is available in the camp - can you find it?
  • Hunting geckos and Brahmin in the vast hunting grounds just outside the settlement's west gate
  • Learn Gecko Skinning so you can harvest gecko pelts when you kill geckos
  • Killing Radscorpions in the mine - be careful as poison is very dangerous
  • Scavenging for miscellaneous items, materials, and resources
  • Solving problems for the settlers, to build your Exit Package

NOTE: Before leaving Lander's Point, you do not get XP for killing Brahmin. You do get their hides, and Meat slices though, and you do get XP for killing other creatures there. You do also get XP for killing Brahmin after leaving the settlement.


At level 1, you get the most XP from Shoveling Poo, so do that for some quick Caps to buy a Tool from Cousin Felix. Use the Tool to scavenge for quick Crafting materials. Get Junk from the junk barrel, make a Radio, a Sledgehammer, and a Hatchet. Now you can get whatever you need to make your own weapon at the Workbench near the toolmaker. "USE" the Radio via Inventory, tune it to channel zero, and enable reception. Now you can communicate with other players all over The World map. To make a nice stash of ammo, you'll likely need to go mining. If you can't carry much, just mine in small batches. Make ammo, load up your gun, and go into the hunting fields for more XP.

NOTE: Do the doctor's quest last, because she will correct your broken limbs as long as you have not done it.

Jobs and Quests

Most of these tasks are associated with building an Exit Package, which is given to the character when they leave the settlement:

The Settlers