Peacekeeper Squad

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PSquad-Banner.jpg PS was founded August 2015. Led by Xaviar.

Fight the Good Fight!
Get serious. Get organized. Get help and support. Then get ready to fight against tyranny!
Had enough drama from the immature factions? Tired of being one of the bad-guys?
You are called to do good! So crank up your game a few notches!
Peacekeeper Squad (PS) is APK. We are the good-guys and we are recruiting. We do everything:
The APK Way

The way of the Anti Player-Killer is to fight against tyranny. We do this even when outnumbered. We must always be driven by a sense of justice, and never by revenge. Thus we do not victimize people. For the good of the server, we help worthy people, and fight the rest to the death.

Shooting First
We fight hard, for the good fight is a hard fight. But we fight with honor. Thus we only shoot first when we're up against known enemies, or when unknown strong characters enter our random encounters. We also shoot first when encountering threats in PvP locations like New Reno or Warehouse. And of course, we shoot first in Town Control or other PvP ops.

Victory Conditions
We consider it a victory to defeat PKs and other hostile enemies. The world has no shortage of enemies, so the fight against tyranny is ongoing. To win, we are always looking for like-minded people.

United Membership
Building a serious team is not done haphazardly. We must be careful. Enemies will pose as friends to infiltrate us to spoil our work. Thus, recruits must run a gauntlet of team scrutiny. As we all maintain the APK approach, we recognize how powerful it is that our whole team is doing the same. Any one of us can be cast out if his playstyle departs from APK standards, so we stay united and refined in our APK stance against tyranny.

The Good Fight
We are warriors of right! Fighting evil. We are the last serious, organized group of good-guys in the wasteland. Let our aim be true, our hearts be pure, and our minds be clear. We are Peacekeeper Squad! And we shall not stop fighting until the hearts and minds of all men are converted to peace, or their skulls be crushed under the feet of justice.

If what you have read here inspires you to join us in the good fight, bravo! Consider joining the oldest APK team that still takes justice seriously.

If The APK Way appeals to you, then find our thread in the main game forum's Faction Announcements section. If approved, you will be directed what do to next, and then meet the team. We use Discord chat for enhanced communication, and we also have our own private forum where we vote on issues, share builds, advice, plans, feedback and humor.

Becoming a Member of Peacekeeper Squad

We have a process. Every good team does.

Work With Us
Chat with us, hunt with us, level wish us, plan builds with us, and generally communicate to make sure you're a good fit with the team. We use Discord chat.

This team is not active on this server. Recruiting is closed for now.
To become an official member, complete our Faction Missions, listed on our forum. Each mission is worth some points. Get 100 points, and solo Vault 15 to join. Get details from PS members!

We all meet in our best clothes at an important place. You take vows to always fight against evil. We welcome you in, and we all enjoy some drinks. You usually get some gifts, and everyone starts spinning around. lol

Don't play solo forever! Join Peacekeeper Squad and you're suddenly much stronger!