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"A recreational area consisting of a few combat arenas for relaxation and training. Built by NCR to show their increasing influence in the area." -FOnline: 2238 (Appeared after the 30/08/2010 wipe)

Located Northwest of The Hub, Hinkley serves as a PvP arena where players can fight each other in a training environment over and over, yet suffer no actual losses. The gear is handed out for free and stays there. No xp is awarded and losing a battle does not send you to a wasteland respawn point. Instead, losing a fight only sends you back to the central meeting room inside Hinkley, to gear back up and fight again. This is a great place to meet players and test your character's fighting abilities in RT PvP combat without spending any ammo or risking loss of any gear. Drugs are also available inside.


  • You cannot enter if you have a weapon or drug in your possession
  • No XP is given out for kills
  • Battle is in RT (Real-Time)
  • Get live information on a Radio about fights at Hinkley, on channel 2: matches, kills and winners
  • Players who died before have left much needed ammo/armor/weapons on the ground if needed
  • Everyone in the same room is tele-ported to the match with the player who accepted it
  • You don't get ammo until the match begins, at which time the right ammo will appear in your inventory based on which weapon you have
  • Each character gets 3 Super Stimpaks as a fight begins. Leftovers are removed when the fight ends.

If you want to organize little fights or meet potential combatants, go to the #2238arena channel on the usual irc.forestnet.org.

Starting a Fight

  • Characters split into two teams and each team enters one of the rooms that have computers
  • Someone from one team must create a match by clicking the computer and choosing options
  • Someone from the other team must join that match by clicking the computer and choosing options
  • Match begins when both teams are tele-ported to the designated combat arena


Hinkley is located at Grid 30:39.

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