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A small hidden bomb shelter.
Abandoned howitzer.
A small cave with a family grave.
Warehouse with Vertibird
Inside the clinic
The area of the Factory Special Encounter
Nuka-Cola Truck.
Another Nuka-Cola Truck.
Giant Footprint.
A crashed UFO!
Injured is putting it lightly.
Sure thing buddy.
Dialog with the caravan guard in injured caravan SE.

A Special Encounter (SE) is a type of random encounter. They are much more rare than the standard encounters and they consist of a special map, usually with valuable goods. Generally they can be found anywhere, but specific special encounters won't appear on the zones where they don't fit. For example, you won't find an urban Special Encounter in a desert zone. They can be found many times by the same character.

NOTE: When you find a Special Encounter, you won't hear any chime as you normally do with other random encounters. You'll see the little red lightning bolt, but Special Encounters happen silently.

Known Special Encounters

  • A Factory with several high quality crafting materials
  • Two different overturned Nuka-Cola Trucks
    • In the middle of an old road, with two coolers of Nuka-Cola. Some people say they also found a Centaur in this encounter
    • In the middle of the barren desert, with a single crate full of Caps
  • The Ruined Military Bunker is a tough dungeon encounter with good loot, sometimes including Oil Cans, and odd items like a Magic 8-Ball or a Tape Recorder:
    • To get the location, first find/click the "dead man under a tree" by searching in desert/mountain areas
    • You have 24 hours to access the bunker, as the location gets removed from your map after that
    • The enemies outside are turrets, but inside you'll find hostile Robobrains (220HP), Eyebots, and Sentrybots with dual miniguns.
    • On the basement level, there is a boss Nemezis robo-tank with over 3000 Hit Points
    • Bring friends! Damaged but undefeated robots repair themselves over time.
    • Radio distress signals do not appear to work at this location, just as they don't in other SE.
The Nemezis robo-tank boss-bot!
The Nemezis robo-tank boss-bot!

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