Water for the World

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Water for the World
Nmgrchaa sw.gif The Quest-Giver is:
Location Hub Water Merchants
(South District)
Requirements ?
Completion Deliver a Water Barrel to the three destinations, and report back to Mere
Rewards 1000 XP per delivery, and
on completion, 3000 more XP
3000 Caps
Water Merchants +350 Karma
Various random items
Repeatable Yes, with no timer
Notes Complete via dialogue
Dialogue option 2

Talk with Mere to get a job running 3 heavy Water Barrels, one to each of 3 different towns:

You have the option of running 1 barrel at a time, or taking all 3 at once. The problem is, they are heavy, so if your Strength is less than 8, you likely will be walking for at least the first leg of the journey. Of course, you can use Drugs to mitigate this.

You can deliver the barrels in any order, but most people go straight north to Broken Hills first since it's the closest.

This job is a great way to get XP since it pays well, requires using no ammo, and earns you some Caps along the way.

NOTE: For optimal efficiency, it's best to use one of the Vehicles and have a safe parking place at each of the delivery points, as well as Hub. Bring some Tools and some SEC to keep your car going.

NOTE: A "Water Barrel" item might appear as a Caravan Box when dropped on the ground, and might not appear in your Inventory correctly at all, or as an invisible item. If invisible, they are still there and can still be delivered - you just need to run the game's updater so your client can obtain the proper image file.

When you've delivered all 3 Water Barrels, go back to Hub and talk with Mere to get paid. Be careful to choose option 2 in dialogue to get paid. If you choose option 1, you tell him you lost the barrels. In that case you do not get paid. You can still start a new delivery job, but the NPCs might not accept the deliveries (bug). If this happens, wait a while (not sure how long) and you will be able to dialogue with Mere and get the option to complete the job, get paid, and then get the job again.


  • wip


  • 3000 XP for all 3 deliveries (1000 XP for each of three deliveries)
  • 3000 XP for completion via dialogue with Mere
  • 3000 Caps
  • +350 Karma with Hub's Water Merchants
  • Various random items